“Flying by charter differs from scheduled aviation in many ways, but from the point of view of our customer it can be summarized in three words: efficiency, privacy and flexibility. You may be a corporate travel planner trying to get eight executives from New York to Nebraska as safely and with as little downtime as possible. You may be trying to lift a critically ill patient from one hospital to another. You may be trying to move the all-star cast, crew and equipment of a block-buster film from Los Angeles to Vancouver, or you may just be trying to get your family from London to Aruba as swiftly and comfortably as possible. Whatever your priorities, charter air travel gives you the freedom to organize the trip around your needs.

When you fly scheduled airlines, you travel on the airline's schedule (assuming they're on time) and zigzag along their hub-and-spoke routes, connecting here, changing planes there, and sometimes doubling or tripling your travel time. Long drives to and from large commercial international airports, time spent reserving, picking up and clearing airline tickets and checking, tagging or even losing luggage drains your productivity even further. You then wait in lines with no end in sight, only to disrobe, unpack, be searched and then get dressed. You repack and regain your dignity, while finally climbing aboard an aircraft with 300 perfect strangers. A useful and private business meeting on board a commercial airliner is all but impossible, and completing work confidentially or otherwise is more than a challenge.

With charter, you fly where you want, when you want, in the plane you want, and with extra amenities you choose yourself. Increasingly more and more business and pleasure travelers are discovering the advantages of charter travel. Time is money and every wasted moment is a lost opportunity. Aircraft charter puts you in control of your schedule by placing a fleet of aircraft at your disposal anywhere you are in the world.”

Source: The Air Charter Guide